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Domain Registration

What is a domain?

Domain is something people with a website need to understand.
1. Domain is

The name that is called from Browsers to websites such as chrome, safari are used instead to refer to different websites. That is on the Internet network around the world. Domain Registration has many service providers, so there are services. Get a website with domain registration to help facilitate website visitors to remember website names easily.

2. Domain Registration service

It is of the utmost importance to have a good website. Therefore, the name should be chosen. that is easy to remember, is a simple word to make customers think of our brand easily to find what they want in our website The name is easy to pronounce. The more website visitors remember your website name, the more likely it will be. This will make your website popular. and increase the opportunity to sell products Or remember your company name and your services even more. Therefore, the service provider that accepts domain registration. Therefore, there is a website design service with cheap domain registration and hosting rental services.

Domain โดเมน เว็บไซต์ราคาถูก

For those who want to start building a website to promote business or sell online When searching for information, you will often see the word “domain”, which is a very important thing to understand. to make your website look the best The details are not as difficult as you think. The more knowledge, the higher the efficiency. To make your website look as good as many times.

for registration Domain registration can be registered unlimited times, for example, you want to register all 3 names, but when people search and come to the same web page, they can do it. That is a way to make Searchers will find it easier to find web pages. For example, furniture businesses may note both and This is to prevent typos and still find your web page as before.

Classify domains by business group. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that many businesses have different domain extensions at the end of their web names.
Which often ends with the code Thailand that is th. Let’s try to understand that if you see these domain extensions, you will immediately know what kind of business group it is.

ราคา Domain โดเมน บริการ

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     Service to make a website with domain registration company / online store Ecommerce/Services/Blog, etc., or website formats as required by customers
Website creation service with registration domain registration service A variety of extensions to choose from, a comprehensive website that supports all display devices, computers, mobile phones, tablets

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domain registration service that has been registered with us
The domain name will be 100% owned by the customer.

.com1390 บาท 390 บาท 390 บาท
.net1499 บาท499 บาท499 บาท
.org1490 บาท490 บาท490 บาท
.BAND1850 บาท850 บาท850 บาท
.biz1540 บาท540 บาท540 บาท
.info1530 บาท530 บาท530 บาท
.tel1500 บาท500 บาท500 บาท
.name1390 บาท390 บาท390 บาท
.asia1500 บาท500 บาท500 บาท
.zone11,100 บาท1,100 บาท1,100 บาท
.co1990 บาท990 บาท990 บาท
.company1360 บาท360 บาท360 บาท


We offer a wide range of domain registration services. The domains above are just some of the choices we’ve picked from the most popular.
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domain registration and hosting services.

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We take care of providing services and advice throughout the after-sales. Make customers believe in the quality of our website services. We make websites with commitment and care for customers’ websites that have been made out of quality and meet the needs of customers.
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Get a wordpress website with design company website / online store Ecommerce / service work / Blog, etc., or a website style as the customer wants. Website making service with domain registration service and comprehensive hosting rental. The website supports display on all devices, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Mobile Friendly, good display.

website making service and other services Many more do the professional quality standard correctly and support various systems. In order for customers to be able to develop further to be better in the future, Responsive web format supports SEO and can lead the website to advertise Google Ads and Facebook Ads to make customers reach more websites. Along with many other comprehensive services. Shop NetDesign services for wordpress websites at affordable prices, quality guaranteed.